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About Us

Telycam is an R&D-based manufacturer focus on providing FHD and 4K UHD USB  cameras and professional IP/NDI cameras for video conferencing, live streaming, education, and telemedicine since 2014.

Our mission is to provide reliable quality and smart video/audio
products to help people to connect and communicate with the world happily.

Why Telycam Was Established

In 2012, AaronXia, the founder, visited the Infocomm show in Las Vegas and realized the “cloud era” was coming and that soft video conferencing solutions would definitely replace hard video conferencing solutions in the near future.
Although at that time, hard video conferencing was adopted by the government and some large joint ventures, it could not be welcomed by the public because of its high price and cumbersome deployment. However, video communication must be the main connection method for people in the future, and users need solutions that are easy to deploy, affordable, and simple to operate. And, soft video conferencing based on cloud computing is the best choice.
With soft video conferencing solutions, hardware facilities must be compatible, operate intelligently, work stably, and be price-friendly. The two key hardware for video conferencing is audio and video devices. USB video conferencing cameras, which are completely plug-and-play, meet the needs of soft video conferencing.
However, there was no high-performance enterprise-class USB video conferencing cameras on the market at that time. Vendors were still competing to launch SDI and HDMI video conferencing cameras with high prices and high benefits.
Therefore, Aaron led a team to establish Telycam to develop and produce USB video conferencing cameras and became the first company to offer USB 3.0 cameras in 2015.


Telycam masters the core algorithms of the video camera and network technology, developed the camera from the bottom of ISP, and debugged the three main core parameters of the camera, autofocus/auto exposure/auto white balance. Therefore, we can customize image performance and provide differentiated products for our partners.


Telycam is ISO 9001/2015 certified. Through adopting these standards, Telycamstrives to control and improve its operation quality, minimize waste, and provide a safe working environment for its employees.

  • Our production system is established according to ISO9001:2015 standard
  • Our production process, quality control (incoming material inspection, production inspection, shipping inspection), packaging, and warehouse management all have standards and procedures
  • Our current production capacity is 6000pcs per month
  • The unpacking rate is 99.8%, the good quality rate is 99%, and the basic warranty is 2 years.


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We never let our partner down because we know only you success, we will sucess.

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