How to opt for the appropriate video conferencing camera for your video conferencing room

Video conferencing room is a necessary social communication space for corporate, government, school, etc, Generally, it is classified as large, middle, small even huddle room in terms of size.

As for IT deployment of each size room, how to choose the matched solution, and control budget, users have to know some fundamental information about the meeting room size and adopted solution. Take the video conferencing camera, for instance, you’d better know something about the optical zoom, field of vision, the max and minimum shooting distance, best-mounted location, ect to fit what kind of size space.

Take our company Telycam’s video conferencing camera series as example, to match different size of video conference room:

Measure standard:

Typically, when the target people is shown in the screen at 1/3 percentage, the audience feel pretty good, as following picture, even there is slight movement in the body when camera is shooting , it’s not easy to discover, so we define this scene as measure standard.

That’s the brief list for different series of camera matched with different size room. Actually, there are other factors should be accounted in, such as the shape of the meeting room, the spec of the meeting desk, the attendee number, the shooting requirement, the location of the camera and other deployment.

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