What is the best camera used for huddle room video conferencing?

There is a conventional conflict to use a USB video conferencing camera nowadays, a single camera can not fit all huddle rooms and small meeting rooms with various styles and different sizes. Cloud-based video conferencing generate corporations numerous demand for video collaboration, subsequently, different types of the conferencing room come out. Generally, users managed to select a camera barely enough to fit the deployed room. Lots of video conferencing cameras available in the market, however, no one can fit all or most of these non-standard meeting rooms.

Shown as following:

 Fixed USB video cameraPTZ USB video camera
With wide-angle FOV(>72.5°)
Without wide-angle FOV(72.5°)

The first type: Fixed camera with wide view angle, mostly used in huddle room, price is affordable. But not suitable for professional video conferencing, image is not high definition enough, wide view angle also brings image distortion, hardly to capture all attendance clearly, and can not give close-up to the specified subject.

The second type: Fixed camera without view angle, almost same but better than PC embedded camera, for individual visual collaboration. Price is cheap, image quality is totally non-professional.

The third type: PTZ video camera without view angle. It is the prevalent professional video conferencing camera in the market, well-used in middle and large meeting room, classroom, assembly room, courtroom etc. Rotated with optical zoom, the view angle is narrow and the price is high.

Therefore, USB video conferencing camera applied to cloud-based video collaboration used for huddle room (2-6 people) and small room (5-10 people) conflicts. The first type is called barely enough for usage, the second type is totally not suitable, and the third type means breaking a fly on the wheel.

This is not ideal either for distributors or the vendors who would like to integrate the camera with their system. They have to expand camera type scope for not losing market share, anyway, camera is not the core business for the distributors and vendors,  doubtlessly, broadening this product span increases enterprise cost, you have to keep sourcing and testing and marketing.

In this case, we started to search clients’ review and feedback, meanwhile, purchase professional industry report for reference, consequently, we decided to develop the fourth type video camera, with wide view angle as well as PTZ ability, positioning to serve for huddle room and small video conferencing room video collaboration.

Still, taking advantage of our mastering HD video camera ISP core algorithms to develop and integrate video process from chip, we studied and compared some video processing solution, finally select a cost leadership solution to embark.

However, after 2 months developing, the completed product is far beyond of our expectation, although cost is indeed lower than our other cameras, the whole image quality doesn’t meet with Telycam’s testing standard at all. The overview of the image is not crystal clear, no depth of view, FOV is wide but has fish-eye phenomenon. Obviously, this is not the product we are looking forward to. Meanwhile, we have a ambitious presume, if it is possible to make the PTZ camera power through USB port directly if it works, users must like it due to its great convenience and saving cost. It is a challenge but also a significant presume. But we are facing to turn over the previous solution and start again completely, it means the efforts and investment in funds and time in the two months must be abandoned. Anyway, keeping to understand customers’ truly demand and provide the really good products and service is not just a slogan, that’s Telycam ’s original target as well as lifetime way to go. Finally, we set sail to the project again determinedly.  With the failed experience, the R&D engineers assess the feasibility analysis again cautiously, evaluate the selected solution, mechanism design, hardware deployment and software development carefully, negotiate with our suppliers about our requirement deeply. To make up the lost 2 months time, every single member in the R&D team and engineering section work overtime almost every day, the earliest light turned on and the latest light turned off in the industry zone are always from our R&D experiment lab, it was shinning like the brightest star in the sky.

Ultimately, the one who never gives up dream will never be given up. After another 2 months, this product comes out eventually. After several rounds of strict testing, the engineering supervisor gave this report: TLC-1000-U3-5, the whole image is crisp, even four edges are sharp, realistic color, without noise, without smear, with pretty good depth of field, without any distortion, besides, it can be powered and controlled through both USB2.0 and USB3.0 directly.

It is proved our adopted solution, design and deployment is succeed, perfect.

Truly 5x optical zoom;

85-degree angle FOV without any distortion;

USB power, USB control, USB video, three cables in one.

That’s correct, this is our full HD USB3.0 PTZ video conferencing camera TLC-1000-UH, especially serves for huddle room and small meeting room video collaboration.

If you would like to know further information or have interests for evaluation, please contact us.

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